The Video Game of Life

Think of your day and the tasks you have. These are the options of the video game of life. It is in high definition and real time. We all start at the basic level, and learn from others who have played the game for a while. There are ganders along the way. You are sent out on your own, with a given set of instructions and you have choices to make. You can face the game on your own. Many people choose this path, however, in my travels; I have found this path very lonely. For some reason, facing life’s challenges alone is very taxing, and life draining. Even for the strongest of people, there is still issues that are too much to bear at times. We are given the free will to set out on this path. Many times, this path makes the outside shine, but the inside feels empty.

The emptiness that is caused is a spiritual emptiness. For those of us, such as myself, who call ourselves Christians, we have another path that we can follow. Following life’s path with God at our side. When you become a believer in the faith, you are granted extra gifts in the game of life. There is nothing more comforting the lonely world we live in, than knowing that your life meter can be restored over and over again, as long as you are willing to let go of the control of where the path will take you. I know I take personal comfort in knowing that I can give all my worries to someone, and have the weights lifted off my shoulders. By calling on the creator for help, I have no fears, and angels follow me wherever I may go.

For those who are not believers of Christ, this is something that is very hard to wrap your mind around. I know, I was on the other side at one point or another in my life. It is o.k. to question everything. It was explained to me this way: Life is always more fun when you have someone to share it with. They do not have to be in front of you, everyone has a purpose and a place, even after they have left our physical side. Let that sink in… everyone still has a purpose even after they have left our physical side. I took that as; we still have a mission even after we have left this realm. For Christians, we know that Jesus was God on Earth, and he has left our physical side, but will never really truly leave us.

How wonderful is that? It is a mystery of faith. I cannot explain it fully; I do not have the words to put it into context for anyone who is not a believer. That is why there are many people today choosing to battle life’s challenges alone. Even when they find people they love to be around, they still have the empty feeling inside. It is what I can describe as being along in a crowded room syndrome. You know, those times when you are alone, but not, but still feel alone and small. That is what I am talking about. What turns that feeling around for me is knowing that I can say a prayer, and know someone is listening. I find comfort in the knowing I am being heard, even when no one physically seems to care.

In all the video games that come out, the ones that are the best sellers are ones where a team of people is making their way through the game. They are the ones that people play for hours, with either people, they know, or some that are continents away. They know nothing about the other player (In some cases), so, how is that any different from what I am speaking about with God? You are constantly being bombarded, losing life, and being resurrected by someone else in these games. God does the same thing, in real time, in the real world, on a daily basis. Tell me why you would want to pass up the unlimited life and manna refills on a daily basis?

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