Today I am reflecting on the statement, one’s life does not consist of possessions. I don’t know why this is sitting with me today, but it is a very powerful statement to make. What if you gave up everything in the world? Everything, cars, money clothes, house, and every big of worldly items that you have. What would you be left with? In the end you would be left with just yourself, and possibly your family and friends. As a person who has experienced losing everything, I know that friends will go as soon as the possessions do. Unless they are true friends, they will put distance between themselves and hardships. Your family may be the same way, and resent you for being who you are. The only remaining salvation there is, is the relationship that you have with God. That is the only consistent thing that is in anyone’s life, no matter the stage, no matter the circumstance. Wouldn’t it then make sense to strengthen the relationship that you have with God? Since He is the one that will be with you no matter what, and knows the stripped down version of you without anything worldly. He created you in his image, and loves you for all your imperfections, and has blessed you with talents that are unspeakable.  The wonderful world would still be available to you even if you have nothing at all. The entire universe was created with a single thought. You don’t have to have the fancy cars and houses to know that you can be saved and happy. The people you surround yourself with are way more important than any possible tangible item on earth. Very often we try to make our perfect heaven on Earth to little satisfaction and only to never be happy. The only way to find the true happiness here is to abandon the current thinking you have. It makes it so much easier when you change the way your thought process is and know you real happiness will not be found in this world. There are people in the world that have less than you and are just as happy. Find your happiness by finding your relationship with God, when and wherever you can.

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