The Start of 2015

The new year is here.  Everyone was so excited to get rid of the 2014 year, and move on to the new 2015.  I have seen all the exciting posts on social media.  The beginning of January brings a “rebirth” if you will, to everyone’s spirit.  Its exciting to see, however, by the end of January, a lot of people lose that spirit.  I know that I have tried resolutions before, just to be disappointed by the time February rolls around.  This year, instead of a resolution, I am making a commitment.  It is a commitment to the positive.  I want to be more positive this year, and thus, bring more positivity into the world.  This task is going to be hard, and I am going to need a lot of help, but I am committing to this.  I started this blog just as a hobby to get things off my mind, and to be a positive message to those who I have been blessed enough to reach.  In keeping that commitment, I hope that every post in the new year can help bring some hope into someone’s life.  I send my blessings to each and everyone one of you, and I pray that you have a wonderful, happy, and prosperous new year.

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