Following Your Star

This week marked the feast of the Epiphany in the Catholic Church.  This is when Jesus was revealed to all nations of the world and was symbolized by the story of when the wise men arrived in Bethlehem.  They were out following their hearts and the star that appeared to them. They were following the star. Think about that for a moment. How often do we follow our own stars? We really should be. We all have a longing to do something that we are proud of and brings us joy. We should be praying on a Constant basis to be able to use our unique gifts in a way.

I truly believe this is what led me to the writing of this blog. I have been writing (typing) for years.  Nothing major, just things for my real job, minor stuff, and never anything like this.  I have never tried to reach a mass group of people before this blog, and to be honest, I am quite blessed that it is even read.  I started this with the original intention of just trying to untangle this depressed mess of a mind.  Instead is morphed into something totally different. It has been turned into not only my ramblings, but has rekindled my new found spirit and relationship with God. It is so easy when the ideas start going.  I can honestly say that most of this is moved from divine interventions.  God truly moves me to what I am supposed to be writing.  I believe this, because I have prayed for him to let me know what I am supposed to be doing in life, and after finally listening, He has called me to this.  I have a unique gift to be able to put words together and tell a story.  This was given to me by God, it is my talent, in which I am supposed to give back to the world.  I think that this is what people talk about, like being in the zone.  When I get the ideas, I have to get them out, and it just flows.  I don’t know what else to call that but God calling me to do this.  Just like he called on the wise me from outside of the kingdom of Judea, I feel that he is calling me to do this.  I also will be praying for everyone to find their calling, to use their skills for the good of everyone, and ultimately have peace.

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