The First Sunday…..

I am not going to lie, today was a very long day. It started early…. thanks in part to the fact that the kids are on a schedule, and the other to a dream where I was really just yelling at someone. I don’t know this person, but yeah, she was getting an ear full of whatever it was that was really upsetting me at that moment. I don’t think I have ever yelled like that in a dream before, but to be honest, I don’t remember most of my dreams. Totally strange, and not my style at all. I usually just huff and stomp off.

That set the tone for the day, but to be honest, I was not going to let it get to me. We got up and went to breakfast this morning. It was a great family outing, and it was a great time. I really do love spending time with them. I really do enjoy a little time away from them was well. I need it to reflect, and to let my mind calm down. Kids are exhausting. Two of them are double exhausting. Two of them under 4, yeah, I have to be like Job, and to be honest, I don’t know how he was sometimes. I have a quarter of that, and it shows by the end of the day. If you haven’t read that book of the Bible, it is a good one, and you will have gain a great appreciation for a man’s plight and faith.

I really should be more patient with everything. I mean I don’t have anything to really complain about, that is not saying I don’t have issues, but compared to many others, I live in a dream world. I have a home, family, a job, running water, and all my limbs. Yeah I have really a great need to be slow down, not be so agitated and really just calm down. I know I am not alone by any stretch of the means. It is really something I need to work on, but you know, when you are in the moment, yeah, it is so easy to head back to those old habits. So, on this first Sunday of Lent, I am asking everyone to please pray for me to have more patience.

Lord, please give me the strength to be more patient. Give me the wisdom to know when those moments happen and to be able to change my mood when it does. Amen.

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