Well… I am not perfect….

Yep, I missed the posting for yesterday. I have no real excuse for it, the wife even reminded me about it. What does that tell you? I was paying attention, but sleep got the best of me last night, and to be honest, this week really whipped me. The end of the month is usually the busiest at work, which makes it busy at home, which makes me expend all my energy by sometime around 2 pm on Monday. So, that is still no excuse, I should have pushed myself yesterday.

So, today is the beginning of March. A new month, and who can believe that the first two months of 2015 are already gone. So many changes at work and at home already, I can only speculate what the end of the year will look like. It is amazing to me how fast everything moves, but still some things never change. The one thing that hasn’t changed so far, is my new found positivity. I mean, there is a lot of stuff still going on in my life, and if I stopped and just focused on that, I am sure I would get depressed. I don’t want to go down that road again, so, I think I will stick to the things that are making me happy, and not really worry about the others.

Yep, I missed one day of my challenge to myself. I am slightly disappointed in myself. It just proves to me that I am not perfect, not by any stretch of the means. I am, very thankful that I get to try again. I am going to keep on going, despite this minor setback. There is no other thing that I can do, but ask for forgiveness, repent, and move forward. People get caught up on the word repent, I know I used to. It is defined as feeling remorse for a sin, but also to change one’s mind. We hear this a lot throughout the Bible, in Church, and during Lent as well. Today, I actually do feel bad that I didn’t post something last night, but I am also renewing my vow to keep it up. So, I am repenting today. I am sure there is something that is bugging you that you need to be repentant for as well. The key is to not only be sorry, but change it as well, for the better. There is no sense in being sorry for something, just to continue to do it. There are some things that take time to get over, like addictions, but if you are not actively trying to change, then, you will continue to feel sorry, and there is no point in living that way.

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