Envy and Respect…..

“Envy and anger shorten one’s days, and anxiety brings on premature old age.” Sirach 30:24

Ever had the thought that you really want what that someone else has, and you hate them for it? I am sure we all have. I know that I have before. I have been standing in line at the grocery store, listing to my kids yell at the top of their lungs because one shoved the other, or they are pushing each other, looking into the eyes of another mom or dad with the “perfect” angel child, and thinking, really? I have seen someone else get a position that I knew for sure was mine, but thinking, wow, that guy has no talent, I can run circles around them… really he is in that position?

Oh the poisonous way we think sometimes. I have given it a lot of thought, but yesterday, on the radio, on the way home, someone said this…… “We are only envious of those we don’t respect.” Amazing right…… study that for a few minute. I can not even tell you how simple this was for me to understand, yet explained so much. I looked back on all the people that I had that envy feeling about, and I was like, yep, I always thought they were no talent hacks. Just telling you how I felt, right, wrong or indifferent. No wonder it is considered a sin that is very bad. It is true, and I have had that feeling. Wow.

Then I caught wind of this wonderful web article….


It just put my whole Lent into perspective. I can not explain to you how much the spirit is moving within each of our lives, and it is a wondrous joy when you can actually see it in action. I honestly can’t put into words the different things that are happening in a positive way in my life. After hearing the words, reading this article, and taking another inward look at myself, I can say, God works in mysterious ways, if you allow him in and pay attention to what he is trying to tell you in life. I am becoming a believer in everything happens for a reason.

Lord, thank you for the wonderful gifts you are bringing to me and my family. Amen.

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