Losing an hour

If I wasn’t already tired, tonight, I am losing an hour. I am losing it because someone needed an extra hour of flight time during a war… you can’t see my face, but it is not happy right now. I can not complain, I have a nice house, a great bed, and a great family. I can sleep in comfort tonight, unlike some others in the world. There are those out there who have no home, who are not able to sleep in peace, and really do not have what I do. I really shouldn’t have such an issue with just an hour.

I have been blessed in my life as to not have to worry about a house. I have never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from, nor did I ever not have a job. I can not say that I have never faced the possibility of being homeless, or jobless, or anything like that. I have been close to not having anything at all. It was one of the most challenging moments in my life, but it really made me desperate. This was before my conversion, and at that moment, I didn’t ask for help from God, I attempted to do it myself. It worked for a while, but like anything that we try to do on our own, it didn’t last long at all. I do not want to redo any of that again in my life. I did learn a lot and would not change anything. It was the start of my journey to conversion, even though I didn’t know it yet.

So, tonight, I am just thankful that I have all these blessings in my life. Even though tomorrow I will be a little more tired, at least I can sleep peaceful tonight. Thanks be to God for that.

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