Just a day…. finally….

Today is day four of this depressive slump, but I am on the rise. It is a good thing because it is almost spring. Who wants to be all sad and stuff when the Northerm Hemisphere is being renewed again. Here in North Florida, the yellow tenge on my car tells the story that the flowers are going to be blooming soon. It is really not my favorite season, mainly because ot destroys my sinuses, but nonetheless, I don’t want to be locked in this head anymore.

I’m on the up swing because I actually enjoyed my afternoon, even though it didn’t quite go my way. I was with my family and that made up for anything that happened that morning. There was no hidden agenda or political moves that had to be made, like I have to do sometimes at work. It is hard being politically correct for eight hours. I am blessed to have a wonderful family, and so blessed to even have a job, so, I can’t complain at all. If I have learned anything this Lent, it is that I have been blessed with more than I deserve on many levels.

So, today, I am on the mend, not quite there, but in the depressive mind, four days is just a bump in the road. It is hard to explain, but I have been known to have hit patches that last two months or more. I can hide it at work, for the most part, but I can’t hide it from my wife. She knows when I am getting this way, which is good, because everyday, she becomes more of my rock. She supports me, even in writing this blog, which for me is something I really love her for. She really is wonderful, and I don’t tell her that enough.

Today was just another day, and for me, I will take that over the feelings of the last two days.

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