Another missed post, and another late night…..

Whew, what a weekend. It was a great weekend because I actually got to spend time with the wife. She had two days off in a row, and with her new job, that is amazing. Selling vehicles is something that demands to be available when the majority of the world is out shopping…. the total opposite of my profession, which ends when the rest of the world does.

This weekend was different, I got to see a fellow co-worker are dressed up in a beautiful gown and get married. It was truly a great ceremony, and it was nice to see all of her friends and family gathered together to witness it. I will always think of her as the spunky kid at work who took the department by storm, but that day, she was not a co-worker, she was starting a new chapter in her life, and it was very cool to watch that happen. I wish Kayla the best with her husband.

So, that is why I missed my post yesterday, my feet were aching. The wife and I helped make sure all the décor and reception was ready to go. The wedding was the last of two that my wife’s old company will be at (and in turn me helping), since it was sold in December. It was fun to do, since I knew the bride, not like some of the other weddings I have helped out with, I had no connection to them.

So, tonight, I put the wife and kids asleep reading out loud. That is why this post is so late. It is a good end to a good weekend. I am reading a book called Something Other Than God. It is a great conversion story, if you have time to read it. I have actually been inspired by some parts of it, and I will share some of that in the next couple posts. For now, I am going to get some sleep while I can……….

Lord, thank you for the wonderful weekend. Amen.

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