Day Care Decore….

Today was interresting, to say the least. I took the day off to handle some personal things, one of which was finding a new daycare for my little man. He is still little, and the current daycare he is in, he was not transitioning very well. So,the wife, little dude, and I set off on an adventure this morning. Fun family time….

I think we finally found one, after much discussion and searching, we will be changing him to a new place tomorrow. I know he will be happier. I do have to share though, one of the places, which is near my home, really threw me off. Inside the front, it was decorated like a rustic hunting lodge, filled with a moose head, bears, raccoons, and a family of deer in the reception area. Lets just say, I am not raising a child to be the likes of Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast”. I think that was the worst thing that I could have seen in a child learning center, by far it was the weirdest. My son was not too keen on it either.

Children have a very cool way of telling you when things are not quite right. Inside the cabin in the woods, my little man wouldn’t get down. He clung to one of us the entire time. I am not saying the place is not a good one, but my son, he was having none of it. Why do adults lose this sense of security in a lot of cases? Sometimes we know when we will not be a good fit in a certain space, but other times, we have no clue until way after the fact. I don’t have an answer for this one.

I am very thankful that I got time to spend with my family today. I can only pray that my little man will have a better day tomorrow. It was fun looking, but I had the need to share the Alaskan Wilderness story with everyone… they had a moose head……. who thinks that is good interior design for children?

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