Ahh, The Weekend……

Made it to Saturday! By my calendar, there is only two more Saturdays until the end of this Lenten season. Whew, so far, I have made it pretty well. Looking back on this year, I have done pretty well. I have managed to stay off the Facebook and the Twitter feeds, despite the world’s constant nagging to get me to, the entire time. I am sure I have missed messages and postings, but to all my friends out there, I am not ignoring you, just on a journey.I haven’t missed one minute of watching my Facebook or Twitter feeds. I have deleted all the apps on my phone, and actually blocked the sites in my browsers (all of them). You know, we are all tempted to going back to what we are not supposed to have. Just like a kid trying to get into the cookie jar when it is not snack time. Don’t get me wrong, it is still in the back of my mind… oh, what did I miss, and oh, wonder what this person is up to, but I am not missing…… the constant advertisement barrage. I am all for everyone trying to make a dollar, but wow, it was a constant bombardment of regular ads, and ads from my wonderful entrepreneurial friends. Not saying they are wrong, but to be honest, I was a majority of what was coming through my feeds on a daily basis.

I did have a thought though, what if Jesus came during this time in history. Would he have a TV show during prime time, would he have a Facebook page, or would he not be into all of that at all, and do it the old fashioned way? Would you be able to be an advertising partner with Christ? I am not sure if he went with the old school mission and sermon way today that he would have such a following. I am not questioning God’s actions here, because he is perfect and brought out savior at the perfect time, but it is something that crosses my mind sometimes. He would have to adapt himself to today, but would it have the same impact, or would our multi-media, stereophonic, electronically linked, have to have it now culture simply call him another radical and dismiss everything? I am sure he would have a following, but imagine life without the Bible today? Our years are centered around his Death and Resurrection. I can not wrap my mind around it all sometimes, just how miraculous and just how awesome God is to have put His only Son on Earth at just the right time. The world is set to His standards in some way, shape or form, whether you are Christian or not. So, my journey continues, and it is full of joy, because even in His death, Jesus came at the perfect time to save me.

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