Palm Sunday

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful Masses that Catholics have during the year. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, one of my favorite times of the year. Everyone starts to really feel the meaning of the season of Easter, and that is the powerful resurrection of our Lord Jesus. It is a time of salvation! Who couldn’t be excited for that?

Of course, I am on this Lenten journey still, and we are rounding the corner. I missed another blog post last night, but you know, I am not worried about it. I know that I have gained so much this Lent from writing about myself, my journey, and my faith. I think that I have really made progress, not only with my depression, but with my faith as well. I am happy to have shared it. Even though this is the last week, it has become such a habit, I know I will keep writing after this.

Enough about me, back to the Mass…. Palm Sunday starts out with the reading in Mark that has to do with Jesus’ return to Jerusalem. A glorious return is written about, everyone fanning the Lord and screaming Hosanna. Everyone was excited to see Him return to the city. The city that he had been turned away from many times. The city was now in an uproar over his return, everyone seemed happy. How strange that must have felt To know that everyone cheering is going to be rallied against you in just a few days.The last reading goes through the entire last supper, betrayal, and crucifixion of Jesus. For most Catholics, it is a long mass, but my Protestant friends wouldn’t find it very long at all. Anyway, it is fitting that the end is the total opposite of how it begins. Both are triumphant. Both have great sadness, yet are filled with Joy and Hope.

I love this Mass because it is kind of life my life. I am sure that we can all see this in our own lives as well. Some days I feel like I am riding in on a horse to cheers, and others I feel so persecuted that I want to give up. I have learned this lent, more than anything else, I don’t have to be anything but joyful. I have a great family, wonderful friends, and a Lord that is working with me. I am going to beat this depression, and use it to my advantage to be even happier, as I wait in hope for the coming of my savior Jesus.

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