Returning Home

There is nothing more refreshing in the world then returning to the place that you call home. It doesn’t have to be the place where you live right now, it could be anywhere. There is always some place in the world where you feel at complete peace, and just become in the moment, and you feel complete. I think there is a place for everyone out there, and when you are there you feel this…. it is hard to explain, but you know it when you are there, you know it.

The end of the Easter Season, which happened this past Sunday, marks the return of Jesus to the Father. It is a bittersweet moment, because here, we have a sense of loss again. Even though we are told not to worry, not to be afraid, when you have someone leave you, you feel that sense of loss. On the other side of that, Jesus went to the place that he calls home. I am sure there was a sense of great joy, peace, and inner fulfillment, that only can come with returning home.

For me, there are a few spots that I can return to that give me a sense of peace. I have only shared a few of these spots with fortunate ones in my life. They know who they are. These places will help to take me away from my troubles, my pain, my depression, and most importantly myself. It is temporary, and I can not stay long, but it gives me the sense to know that my journey through life will come to pass, and I can take joy in the fact that I will, one day, just as Jesus did, return home. I know that for the brief moments here, I can experience what it is like to have my soul be at peace. I long for the day that I can be at peace forever. That day will come when my work here is done, this I am sure of. I don’t get to go to these places near as often as I did before, which makes them even more special. I take great pride knowing that when I am in these spaces, I can feel what is must have felt like to be going back home to Heaven.

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