“The Son of Man came to serve,
and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

Many times we get caught up in our daily wants and need. We do tend to focus on ourselves, a lot. I know that I get caught up in my wants and needs, and it conflicts with what I should be focusing on… the needs of others around me. It doesn’t take much for me to try to find the “what’s in it for me” portion of any deal.

If you look at the business world, there are very few companies out there that do not have some sort of “service” department. Usually it is a call center, or an actual face to face unit, that is designed to take care of patrons or consumers. Big companies even dedicate entire weeks to reminding employees that it is about the service to customers that makes any company great. I find that it is fascinating that we have to remind people that. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in this mantra of service….

It would make sense then to us, as individuals, to remind ourselves constantly that this life should be in service to others. There are more than enough examples of the riches that are to be had when we decide to dedicate our time to the needs of others, rather than focusing on our self interests. I know there are examples every where, and we have to constantly ask the question, am I doing this for me, or am I doing this for someone else? If it is purely for ourselves, the gratification is usually short and unfulfilling. When we are doing things for others, you have a greater feeling of good, and it usually lasts much longer. Just remember, we are called to serve.

One thought on “Service

  1. We always have to put safety first. There is nothing saying that you have to do something face to face for this individual, you can always support them through someone else, or some other organization. You have such a big heart, and it shows. Thank you for sharing.


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