My Typical Tuesday…..

Today is a total reflection type of day. I have seen and heard so many things that I can barely process it all. Between the bustle of getting my daughter ready this morning, to work with the constant barrage of information, to wading through traffic, coupled with trying to unwind when I get home, it has sent my mind into a tail spin. So, instead of letting it get ahead of me, tonight I am deciding to just sit back and try to process it all. So, I turned on the music, turned off the lights, and let the mind ramble… here it is, in all its glory…..

This morning was actually not a bad morning. My daughter only fought me on the type of pants she wanted to wear. That to me is a win. Usually it is a wonderful mesh of contrasting points of view, with the wonderful sound of “I don’t want to get up” thrown in for good measure. She is four, so fashion sense has not quite kicked in, but you know, you have to choose those battles. Today Dad scored one for the home team. From here, we took off to school, where she didn’t fight me to get out of the car… guess I won round two.

The next part of my day involves me versus the rest of the driving class in North Florida. Today, they all decided to leave the house at the same time as I did. Apparently they all took stupid pills. I am convinced that everyone in front of me today needed to retake the Florida DMV test. Not only that, today our wonderful friends from CSX decided to pass out flyers at the train tracks… causing everyone to become even more oblivious to the road… thanks to their police brigade that accompanied them. You would think that people would just take the flyer and move on… no, that would be rational…. Lets just say this added a few minutes to my commute.

Then I arrive at work, perfect. Not a minute to lose when it comes to a barrage of information. My inbox was at about 45 unread messages when I sat down. It was a visual assault to my eyes. Everything from complaints to reports filled up my inbox. All of this transpired in the few hours I was not there. That I think is the mind blowing part. It is more than the brain can handle sometimes. Dont get me wrong, my job is a blessing right now, but wow, it is not for someone who is slow or cant speed read. Who knew that seventh grade class would come in handy? This is the most exhausting part of my day, the bombardment of questions. Its almost like watching Jim Carrey at the end of Batman by the end of my day…. if you haven’t seen it, you will have to in order to understand. It is my job, but wow, its like having my four year old asking me about everything constantly. There are very few places where I can hide to get away from it. I even had someone ask me something while I was eating lunch today. Yep, even at lunch. Guess that is why I get paid the big dollars.

Fast forward to quitting time. All the joyous individuals that I rode in with, well, they all left at the same time. Except, this time everyone forgot the placement of the gas pedal. You know, it is the civil engineer who decided that four lanes could become two lanes and cause no issues that is to blame. My commute home is a lot longer, but the same distance, thanks in part to my own tax dollars at work.

Then I get home, and all of it disappears. Being with my babies makes all of it worth it. It is home where I feel the best. There is no  better feeling to be in a place of love.

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