Searching for a Mission…

Purpose. There is a lot of talk about purpose in life. Finding meaning in things, and doing things that “serve a purpose.” I hope I am not the only person out there that struggles with this. I struggle with finding my “mission” in life. I struggle with finding a purpose in work and actually just having a “job”. This is something that I have had a hard time with forever.

Ever since I can remember, the question was, what do you want to do when you grow up? Where do you see yourself in the future? Both are great questions. Both have good intentions. So, why is my answer always “I don’t really know.” It is something that has baffled me all my life, and even in this moment, I have a problem focusing on anything to “become.” I know I can do anything. I have talents that I use on a daily basis….. but yet, I still do not have a focus, or a specialty if you will. I honestly have changed my mind so many times on this subject.

So, I have been coached, mentored, talked to, talked with, talked about, and still nothing. I have a degree in engineering, project management, experience in the military, and still, no clue as to which direction to go. What do you do with a guy like me? What do you do with someone with very little focus? What do you do with a person who doesn’t really have a hobby?

Well, this guy starts writing. Amazingly enough, writing has become my calling. It started out as a hobby, and I have just kept going. It amazes me that anyone ever reads my ramblings, but you know, it is going pretty well. Its my little corner of the world where I can express what is going on in my mind, maybe help a few people along the way, and keep my sanity. Right now, it is just a hobby…… but I hope that it can be more than just a hobby some day.

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