He Didn’t Have To Be

This is an older post of mine. I wanted to share it again, and dedicate it to other fathers out there, taking on the task like Joseph did. Happy Father’s Day and God Bless

The Sauls Report

I was inspired today by something that was said on the radio.  I am not going to give the exact quote, because to be honest I don’t remember.  It was something about Joseph and the birth of our Lord Jesus.  I am paraphrasing, but it was said, Joseph had the tough task of being the “Father” to the Lord.  Just like Mary, he had the choice to leave, and in the book of Mathew, it is said that he even contemplated it. How crazy would that have sounded at the time.  Hey, Joseph, you have a woman you are with, but she is carrying a child that is not yours.  No worries now though, he is the chosen one, and will be the new and everlasting

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