Weary Soul…..

A weary soul, that is what I am today. This weekend was a trial upon my nerves, spirit, and body. I am tired, to the point where I am ready to take a long nap for a month. It has me in a slight daze, more than normal today, and it is hard to shake. I know I am not alone today, there are many out there like me, but it is one of those days when it feels like I am alone on the island. I honestly do not know where I am getting the strength to write this today, but I felt compelled to write something. Sometimes when the spirit moves you, it moves you, and you have to either answer the call or pay the consequences.It is a challenge, to keep going today. A challenge more than any other day, because I am used to being tired. The brutal force of depression is one that keeps me in a constant state of weary the last few months. This weekend was a harder challenge because of the busy Saturday with the family, lack of sleep that night because one of the babies kept waking up, then the hospital run with my wife on Sunday night… She is fine, and will be o.k…… but that didn’t help any in the sleep department. Needless to say it is a struggle to make it on a Monday…

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