Doing What Is Right….

The inspiration for today comes from the Gospel of Mathew, Chapter 9:32-38. This passage talks about Jesus’ mission and how he was driving demons and preaching throughout the land. I look at this and read about how the Scribes and Pharisees of the time were always trying to get Jesus on some technicality, or they were trying to catch him, for whatever reason. Yet, instead of running away from the situation, Jesus kept on with his ministry, because it was the right thing to do.

So today, how many things do we neglect, as a people, to do because it is the right thing to do. I am talking about taking the time to actually have a conversation with someone. Actually caring what people have to say, valuing the opinions and thoughts of others, and just being a good human to your fellow humans. Showing some compassion in this world. Having compassion towards others.. regardless of the heritage factor… but getting past the hatred that seems to be surfacing again within our culture.

We should be more focused on helping those fellow neighbors of ours, than wondering about the latest fashions on the who’s who list of whatever website you see out there. We are increasingly becoming a culture of self-indulgences, and moving further and further away from our moral baselines. Our big headlines and latest issues that we really care about seem to all be the latest cool fad of the week, drummed up by whoever can get the microphone to project loudest in the room. Have we forgotten about the people who do not have a home tonight, who are sleeping underneath the bridge, cold, hungry and alone? How about your neighbor who needs someone to talk to, but feels alone? Or that person coming back home after defending our freedom, but is suffering from the flashbacks of what he had to endure? Are these not issues that we should really be focused on?

I get it, I am all for everyone being on an equal playing field when it comes to race, religion, sexual orientation, and etc. What I don’t advocate is having these issues outweigh someone going hungry, when we live in the most prosperous country in the world. We should not have the problems that we do……… nor should we be focused on the small things, the minor things, or the things that will not endure over time. WE need to refocus on our relationships, our spiritual awareness, and most of all loving our neighbors. Not because it is the latest fad, but because is the right thing to do.

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