Of Lions and Humans

Good Evening…….. let’s start with something good before I get into my thoughts for today. I have done a good job of staying away from hot topic news stories and other things. As a matter of fact, I am a recovering news junkie. I had to let that part of my life kind of go not too long ago. The poison of the media in general was making me sick. Every page of the newspaper (for those of you who still know what that is…), every slice on the internet, every sound bite on the news channels was nothing but toxic memes floating into my ears and assaulting my brain.

So, the big news story I seen….. yes, it was a lion. Someone killed a lion. No matter what, I am not convinced that this is even news. This is what we have come to. There is so many more important things in my community to have to worry about a lion. What about the homeless problem in my downtown, where over 80% seem to be Vietnam war vets, or people suffering from mental afflictions? What about the person down the street that just lost their job and is struggling to feed and clothe their children for school? What about the war veterans coming back that need psychotherapy, but are being denied by the vary government that sent the off to the war zone? I could go on forever….. yet, we are still down trodden by a lion.

So, if we are so upset about this lion, who I assume had been named for purposes of writing a story. We, as a nation, were captivated by the personification of a lion. At the very same time, we have shelters killing animals by the thousands a month. Is it because the euthanasia is civil because there is “no pain”? I am sorry, but we do this to even our own people. And yet, we condemn the death of a lion… one single lion. At the same time, our judicial system suppresses the videos of someone selling the parts of fetuses that have been aborted. Oh yes, we should all be railing against the doctor who killed the lion. Not the doctor who was only doing his job, separating parts of a baby for cash. Oh the humanity… I spit in the general direction of this country at this very moment. When did we become so blind to the facts? When did we go from a free thinking society to lowly lemmings? I am saddened by the direction… and hell, I only read one article on a lion!

It is not about conservation of animals. It is not about justice for a lion. I contend that a people who do not have a condition to respect their fellow neighbors can not respect the lives of any other creature on this planet.  We are out of touch with reality in this country. All in the name of freedom and other politically charged emotions that people call “rights”. Again, I submit to the fact that respect for our neighbors is the key to this whole mess. We are all to blame, and this is the result… headlines of outrage over a lion in the jungle over the atrocities that are within our own boarders. I can only pray for an awakening in our Nation.

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