I was looking for things to write about today, and I kept coming up blank. There was nothing that really resonated with me. Even after my morning meditation, there was nothing that was coming out in a coherent piece of work. Then, later on today, it hit me. I don’t have to be coherent, this is my blog, I can do whatever I want.So, this afternoon I had a conversation with one of the best people that I know on Earth. This person, and she will know who she is and shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, has listened to my gripes, my complaints, talked with me on religion, listened to me belly laugh, and has really become someone that I look forward to talking to when we have the moments. She asks a lot of tough questions, and really does care about me. The best part is that she does not judge me for anything. It is so rare to find that person in life that you can lose touch with for months, then have a conversation like you never had any time apart. It really struck me today, driving home, that I have never really thought of this person that way, but they are one of those really good friends in my life. I know that there are lots of people out there that have this friend, but for me, friendship has always been something that was hard to me.

Growing up, I had my share of people at school that I hung out with, but I never really had friends that would come over, or hang out. Truth be told, I was really afraid to ask, since you never knew which Dad was going to come home, the raging alcoholic, or the Dad that was actually a Dad. I didn’t want to be that kid in school. I was already the nerdy little shy guy that everyone just didn’t want on their team, so, why give myself more self-imposed grief. I know I am a different person than most, but back then, it was hard to not fit in. So, needless to say, close friends that I could share with, that was rare for me.

So, even though I had a block this morning, I think that this works just as well. So, make sure you tell your friends that you appreciate and love them. The good ones are rare in life…..

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