Come to me, all who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest, says the Lord. Mt 11:28

Such simple words. Such a simple message. How often do we really follow this? How many times, when we feel we can not go on, do we really remember this simple phrase? If you are like me, you tend to forget this. We get wrapped up in the happenings of now, that we run out of steam. We get tired of watching the troubles pile up in your backyard. We feel the weight of the world, and if we were Hercules, we would be fine. We are not a mythical person. We are human.

We have to remember, even in times of great weary, God wants us to call on him. He is not a God that will just do it for us, we have to ask. We have to because we have free will. He wants us to make a conscience effort to ask for His help. Some of us see this as a sign of weakness, needing help, when in reality it is the sign of great strength and endurance. The best part, we can go back to Him over and over again. Did you hear me? Unlimited! He, just like any good Father, wants you to take the first step. He already knows that you will need Him, he is just waiting on you to say when. Just Ask!

I pray for everyone to be able to be bold and ask for God’s help, no matter your situation, and trust that He will help lighten your load and bring you needed respite in your journey.

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