Sitting Under The Rainbow……..

It has been raining here for weeks. That may be an exaggeration, but it has felt like it has been raining here all week long. It started on Monday and really did not let up until today. This afternoon to be exact. That is when I caught a slight glimpse of a rainbow outside the window. It was just a little taste, but it was there.It was a great thing to see finally. The sun. It is amazing how crazy we would go without it. That got me thinking about how the world we live in is all connected together. It is exactly perfect how we are situated in the universe. No other planet is like us, no other planet has living things on it. It really makes you wonder. Yes, we can prove things with science and how things work, but how did we get here? There is no scientific explanation to it, at least not one that sits well with my soul. It can only be the hand of God that made everything so perfect.

We sit under the rainbow, and get caught up in such all the daily tasks that we tend to forget how really blessed we are. We are sitting in the prime of the entire universe, and yet, most of us do not see it on a daily basis. We let the afflictions and other daily tasks get into our minds, and we forget, that even with all the evil that does exist, we are really blessed to be here. Even for me, with my depression, it is hard for me to remember, that I am blessed to be alive today, and that it was only by the grace of God that I am here.

My brain is wired differently than others. I know that, but sometimes it makes me become so sad that I forget the light of God is always shining on me, even in my darkest moments. It is hard to see the light and when my depression gets the best of me, I know that is the work of the devil himself. Its his demonic nature that is trying to keep me from my true happiness in life. Even thought I know this, it still can take hold of me. It can leave me in the dark. So, just like today, even thought it gets to me, I know the sun will return, and then I can sit under the rainbows again.

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