Why I Write

This is something that I wrote back in 1999. I have to give a special thanks to my friend from high school for sending me this little gem. I read it over and over again, and realized, man, if I only could have seen it back then, maybe I could have started the battle on depression sooner. Looking back always shows clarity, and we can not change the past. I do however, love this one, and I hope you do to.

Why I Write

I try to write how I feel

It helps me ease the pain,

Of a life that is harsh

And nothing less than insane.

It is a window inside

To a place no one gets close.

A light into the shadows

To the feelings that haunt like a ghost.

My words come from the soul.

The very depths of my heart.

In which everyone I know

Plays a very intense part.

My whole life lives

On every page I make.

Like it or not, its my feelings

And something no one can ever take.

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