My Mind

Here is another one that was sent to me. I wrote this one back in 1999 as well. It is fun to look at some of the things that I wrote back then, and see the progression that my writing has taken (or not). It is another poem, and it is still sort of true to this day.

My Mind

The funny thing about my mind

It is always looking for the brighter side

But I never seem to find

My place in this time

So, I keep pressing on

Looking for the light of dawn

When I won’t be all alone

And my mind won’t be gone

My mind has gotten healthier as the years have progressed and I have taken on the challenge of defeating depression. Yes, I am starting to believe that this can be beaten. I am not alone in the world, that is for sure, I have a family support group that is by far the best ever. I pray that anyone else can have that kind of support, and at least have the courage to start the journey towards healing, whatever affliction that may be in your life.

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