It happened that there was a man full of leprosy in one of the towns where Jesus was;
and when he saw Jesus,
he fell prostrate, pleaded with him, and said,
“Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.”
Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him, and said,
“I do will it. Be made clean.”
And the leprosy left him immediately.
Then he ordered him not to tell anyone, but
“Go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing
what Moses prescribed; that will be proof for them.”
The report about him spread all the more,
and great crowds assembled to listen to him
and to be cured of their ailments,
but he would withdraw to deserted places to pray. Luke 5:12-16

Oh the majesty that this person must have felt to be released from the bondage of leprosy. At that moment in time, that disease was considered so unworthy that people with it were shunned into hiding, or into concentration camp like areas. What courage and fortitude it took for this man to profess his faith so loudly, as to risk being condemned and beaten for being so close to others in that town.

Just like this person, I am in a state of needed to be released. I think that everyone is in this state in some form or another. Whether is a disease that we have, or we are addicted to some worldly thing, or even if we are just wondering with no direction, we all have something that we are bound to, and that we would love to be set free from. There is no difference between us and the man who is in this story. We all have to muster the courage to fall before God and ask to be relieved of our burdens.

I pray that everyone will find the will and courage to reach out to the Father for help and guidance.

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