“We must not let ourselves fall into the vortex of pessimism. Faith can move mountains!” – Pope Francis

The events of this week, in my life, have made me very mentally and physically drained. It has just seemed like this week itself has lasted longer than anything I have ever given up for Lent. I have struggled to find the bright spots in my work all week long. It has been a real trial for me, and to be honest, has sparked a pessimistic view on how things are going.

I know that I should not fall into that trap, but it such an easy thing to do. It is so much easier just to fall into a hopeless despair and let my mind fill up with the backwash of hopelessness. The career path that I am on is a constant winding road, and for some reason, this week has lead to what I believe is a real dead point. For me, it has been so easy just to wallow in the misery of what could have been, and what the potential outcomes of everything will be. Yes, I am self admitting, I was throwing myself a pity party. It was so easy for me to do that, rather than try to be more positive and actually search for a solution to my problems. And, the best part is, I didn’t even realize that I was actually doing that over and over, until this morning.

Again, as only the holy spirit can, this quote popped up this morning. It was the first page that I landed on and just happened to be the first one that I read this morning. If that doesn’t make you start to believe that things happen for a reason and that God’s grace can be found in all places, then, I don’t know what will. Whether you are a Christian or not, this quote is still relevant. Having a pity party is just an excuse for inaction. Pessimism is not going to get me very far, because it is really just looking into the rear view mirror. I am tired of looking in the rear view mirror. As a matter of fact, I have wasted my fair share of time this week in a hole, and it did nothing to progress me in any aspect of my life.

I am asking for everyone to pray for me. Pray that I find the right path to be going on, and that I can stop being so pessimistic. I will pray the same prayer for you.

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