“Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart
and yield a harvest through perseverance.” Luke 8:15

Perseverance. There is something about that word that makes you reflect on things in the past. It is a trait and a quality that we look at our heroes for. It is something that we want to have our leaders to have experienced in a positive way. That little word carries a lot of weight.

When it comes to Christianity, the word takes on a totally different meaning. When you are pitted up against all the things that our society bombards us with on a daily basis, do we persevere as Christians, and stay true to our Christian doctrine, or do we fall into the secularism that is constantly thrown in our faces. I understand that cultures and societies change with time, however, does that mean we have to change our moral fabric because standards scares individuals? Do we have the wherewithal to stand against the grain sometimes, and fully and passionately be bold in what we believe in? I am not saying do not question the religion itself. I have questions everyday. I challenge the dogma constantly, but I always come back to the same answer, my faith is moving me in the correct direction. I am not saying that I want to stand out and offend anyone with my way of thinking either, but I will say this, I will not be one that lays down on my merits because society decided something is socially acceptable. Perseverance. It is something that you have to do and strive to on a constant basis, to call yourself a Christian.

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