If today you hear his voice,
harden not your hearts. – Psalms 95:8

I have heard many stories over the years about how people can actually hear the calling of Jesus. They can actually hear his voice speaking to them and they feel him gently nudging them towards the right path. I believe these stories are very true, and the witness that they bring is about the miracles that are still being done here on this Earth, but I often wonder, why this is something that does not happen to me.

It actually makes me quite jealous, which is bad, that someone can actually hear Him calling out to them. I do wonder why I do not have that experience. Well, last night, I contemplated on this for a while. Then, like most mornings, on the way into work, while staring at another beautiful sunrise that God created, it hit me. Everyone learns differently. I am not an auditory learner. Don’t get me wrong, I can learn from a speech, or some type of presentation, but I am more of a visual and have to read it to understand it type of person.

Jesus is perfectly working in me in a way that speaks to me. When I am reading the scriptures, or writing, or deep in thought on a subject, he is sending the message to me. It may not be his voice that is coming through, but he directs me to the words I need to read, and helps to guide the words that I need to write. I just have to be receptive to the message. So, with the message today, I am no longer longing to just hear the voice, I am opening up my heart to what the message is, in whatever format it comes to me in.

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