Out of Love….

“When we encounter another person in love, we learn something new about God.” – Pope Francis

I have been away from the keyboard for a few days. To be honest, dealing with depression makes me not want to do things. So, instead of being mopey today, I decided to try something a little different with this. I wanted to give everyone the real reason why I write this blog, how it came to be and what it really means to me.

When I first started out on this blog adventure, it was meant for me personally to just get my thoughts on “paper”, so to speak. I have not really used paper to write on in quite some time, but I was taught that way, so, I just still refer to it that way. I honestly, did not understand the why behind it. It was more of a selfish rush done out of sheer desperation to try to rectify something lacking in my mind. It was more of an output than anything else.

So, as I moved along, I felt moved by the Holy Spirit to share more of my journey in faith. Let’s face it, I am an amateur writer at best. I was moved, and decided I would just try it anyway. What else would I have lost in doing that? Nothing, I had already put out there that I have depression, that in itself could have been a career killer for me, but after I got that out there, my episodes are starting to lighten up. They are still there, but at least I am not running from the facts in my life. So, there really wasn’t anything to lose, I know I have a deep passion for Christianity, and I love being a Catholic…. and everything that comes with it. For better or worse in anyone’s perception of me, I am Catholic, that is what I practice, and it brings me lots of Joy saying it.

After a conversation with a friend of mine today, I was just contemplating on why I really do this. What is the purpose behind it? I do not get paid for this, no one is forcing me to write anything, come up with a new post, anything like that. I do it because I love doing it. I love being a Christian, and I want everyone who reads this to come to know the love that I have in my heart and the Grace that has been bestowed upon me in my life. I love the fact that through this, I am proving that depression can be managed, and that, maybe by the Grace of God, I can not have to deal with this much longer in my life. I am doing this because I love doing it. It is one of the few things that I could do on a constant basis and not get bored… and I pray that everyone who reads it is blessed in some way.

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