Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit will teach you everything
and remind you of all I told you. Jn 14:26

I have had a constant urge to just shout as loudly as I can to everyone who could hear me about the good things that are happening in my life. I have had this urge to do so, but not because I want everyone to look at me. I am really just wanting everyone to feel what I have been feeling lately. I can only attribute this to the Holy Spirit at work in my life. I feel like this is the most under rated part of the Trinity, and one that took a long time for me to really understand, and come to know better.

The past few weeks have not been without challenges. I mean, there has been some real upheaval in my life, when it comes to relationships, finances, etc.  You name it, it has probably charted a course that I was not expecting at all. Every single one of these instances, in prior times, would have caused me to run within myself, lock my mind down, and become depressed. I have not done this at all. I actually have been sad, yet undisturbed in my life. I have absolutely not explanation for this. I can not give you a scientific explanation of something that I don’t fully understand myself. I can give not one reason why, except for one. The mercy and grace of the Holy Spirit has been with me, and has kept me from going into a depressive state.

I can count on all my fingers the reasons and the triggers that normally would have caused a heavy downward spiral. I am for certain there are other triggers that I have not even yet realized, however, this period and moment in my life has been different. All glory can only go to God for this. That is the reason why I have felt a perpetual need to grab a bullhorn and stand on the streets shouting the good news. It is a presence and a peace that I can only describe as amazing. I don’t want to keep this to myself at all. Everyone should, has a need, and deserves to feel the same way. Again, it has not turned the road that I am on into one that has no potholes, giant rocks in the way, or anything like that. On the contrary, the challenges are very real, and still there, and I know for a fact, I could easily be thrown back into a dark mental state.

I attribute this to the Holy Spirit being at work in my life, and me allowing the Spirit to take me where it wants to go. Whether it be writing my experiences and sharing exalting the Grace God has bestowed on me, or just saying hello to someone with a smile… I am letting someone else lead this adventure this time. Oh, I want to be the one out front so badly… but I am trying to let that be someone else this time, and having the trust that the leader is going in the right direction. Trust is a hard thing for me. It does not come easy from me, it is harder to gain back once that is broken. With that, I am trying not to apply my typical logic to this, and just let it go. If I feel the wind adjusting my sail, I am letting someone else take the wheel, and just reacting as needed. It has brought me to peace and harmony in ways that I can not even begin to describe, or even have ever imagined was possible.

I am not without the knowledge that hard times will come. I am saying, after allowing my guard down just a little, and putting trust in the Holy Spirit, I am finding that the challenges are bearable, and I am able to handle them, without feeling the self-loathing that normally accompanies hardships in my life.  I pray that everyone, those who have or have never read anything I have written, will come to feel this same Holy Spirit in their lives as well.

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