Lord, I’m Tired

Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings it is impossible, but not for God. All things are possible for God.” Mark 10:27

This weekend was a really fun weekend. I got to catch up with my family, hang out with some old friends, and really just enjoy things. That fun, in turn, has left me not wanting to come back to reality this morning. I even took the weekend off from writing, and just shut down. It was great, but now, I feel tired.

It is amazing to me, how when we are having a good time, we don’t want to come back to the normalcy of life. We long to have the wonderful feelings that we had while we were vacationing, or out on the town with others. That high tends to be something that we are missing, and we want it all the time. Then we are done, and we are just so tired, and not wanting to deal with the struggles that we have in life.

I don’t know about you, but I hate dealing with things sometimes. It is just annoying and I get into a selfish mood. I just don’t want anything to mess up my plans. I want things to be under my control, and under my reign, especially when it comes to my own life. I really get this way when I am tired. I lose all kinds of will to keep myself in a calm position, and I just am agitated at everything. I guess, the way I am built, I go from one extreme to the other when it comes to relaxing and then coming back to reality… and to be honest, I don’t like reality. It seems like the older I am getting, the harder it is to get back to reality without being angry…

So, then I read this today. All things are possible for God.. so, I am asking that he make today an easy journey back into reality. Why should I be angry about going back to the daily grind anyway? It was going to happen whether I wanted to or not. It is my selfishness that gets in the way, and makes me unhappy. Instead, after careful contemplation and a conversation via prayer with God, I am asking Him to help me find the good in my day today. Even in just saying that little prayer, my day seems a little brighter. My God is an awesome God, and I have to remember to trust Him, in all things, instead of just the good times, but the mundane everyday things as well.

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