So.. I’ve Been Away….

I have been off the writing block for a while. To be honest, I have had a really hard time trying to find time to actually write. Seems strange, because I really enjoy putting my thoughts together and posting them, however, I have been running around like a mad person for the past couple weeks. I finally have slowed down enough to be able to put this together.

Where to begin? Well, it has been a whirlwind at my house. We have been prepping for the school year, I have taken on part time job (which is one that is a dream of mine), and things at work have been running at an all time high level.  I have had barely enough time to compose my thoughts on my drive home, let alone put something down that is a coherent sentence. I have single-handedly kept Folgers stock going up this week. With all of this running around, it has been really hard for me to find time to also spend time with God.

I can freely admit it, I have been running around so busy that I have missed my normal routines that I have had everyday. I have still said prayers, but it has been in quick sound bites. It is not the kind of relationship with God that I want to maintain. I am not perfect, and I understand that I am going to miss the marks from time to time, but honestly, I don’t want to be so busy that I miss this part of what I have going on. Just like with everything in life, you only get out of something what you are willing to put in. I don’t like the fact that I have been spinning around like a top and not putting in the time.

I understand that we all get this way. I understand that life happens, I am one of the most understanding people on Earth when it comes to that. Sometimes to a fault. I know that God is understanding as well, but I have to remember to get back to fundamentals, and remember that no matter how busy I get, I have to maintain my end of the relationship. The same can be said with any relationship that I have.  I am only going to get out of it what I put into it. I think that everyone in life understands that. We have options of where we invest our time and energy, and this past week, while I have been putting time into things that are important, I have not invested the right time with things that are most important. So, today, I have to start changing that.

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