Art In Motion…

A friend of mine once told me, Lucas, you are Art. For those of you out there whose name really is Art, I apologize, I am not trying to be you. What was meant by this was, I am a living work for art. As precious as something that is in a gallery in France, I am a piece that is timeless, and priceless, and most of all, worthy of being on display.

I know, I am sure we have all heard that before. Do we really believe it? Deep down, do we really feel worthy of being put on display for the entire world? If we get down to the heart of ourselves, the answer for a lot of us is emphatically no. We should be telling ourselves that we are worthy, but if you are like me, you tend to lean towards the opposite. Why is that?

We could come up with a billion excuses to explain away the fact that we are hiding from what we are. I could sit here and rant and rave over all the past times that something has been done to me, or the situations where I have failed others and feel unworthy of forgiveness. I could do that, and be perfectly fine with leaving it there. I could. Today is not that day. We all are here for some reason, some purpose, some form of being. We have to remind ourselves on a daily basis that we are apart of something big, but we do not have to make this grand contribution to the world to be worthy of being on display.

I contribute by writing, because I enjoy it, and for some reason, people keep reading this blog. Others of us, well, they are stay at home moms, some with disabilities that they break through everyday, just to keep some sense of stability in, not only their home, but in their mind. Others are fathers just going into work and trying to support a family. None of these things are not contributing to some sort of good works in life. Sure, some of us in the world find a success to where everyone knows you, but for the most part, we are faceless to anyone outside of our neighborhood. That is ok. Just know that no matter who you are, you are worthy of being on display, and that someone out there appreciates the work of art you are.

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