Crown of Life

Remain faithful until death,
and I will give you the crown of life. Rv 2:10C

Then today, I come across this. Such a simple message, coming in the book of Revelation. Ironic to say the least. Remain faithful until death. It seems like such a very simple task, yet, it is not something that is, in reality, very easy. It is not because the prize is not something that everyone wants, but because, if you are like me, you get to going down a path, but then the shiny object comes along and you tend to veer off in a different direction.

It is not an excuse for veering, please do not get me wrong. I try on a daily basis to keep things on the narrow path, but I have a hard time doing it. I want eternal life, and I want my afterlife to be the most amazing experience ever, because that is what Jesus promises for me, as long as I keep remaining faithful. That doesn’t keep the sins of this world from trying to keep me from that. Everyday, being bombarded with everything that you can possibly think of, it is hard for anyone to keep it all together.  It really is hard to keep your head out of the muck that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Then I look at some of the best athletes ever. They had no problem keeping their heads about them. They were focused on making one thing happen, whatever the sport may be, they wanted to win. Well, I don’t know of anyone who sets out to be the loser in anything. I have never seen a plan put into place that sets out to be mediocre. I do not want to be mediocre. The best part is that everyday, we get to put a new plan into place. We get to try again to take what we did yesterday that worked, do that again, or throw out what didn’t work yesterday at all.  God grants us the ability to start over again. He takes care of the sins that we may have committed yesterday, if we allow Him to.  We can move forward daily with our eyes upon the crown that will be given to us at the end of this journey.


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