Yesterday, I was taking my daughter to the bus stop, which just happens to be right on our corner, when I noticed something strange. The string of lights that I had put up for Christmas this year, well, it was missing, and the projector lights that were pointed to our house… gone. Yep, my quiet neighborhood had now changed, because someone decided it would be fun to steal my family’s décor.

I did not put these lights up for me. I could have done without them. My five and three year old however, they were excited that Santa would be able to see the Christmas lights and stop at our house. My three year old had asked my wife yesterday why the Grinch came to our house and took away our lights. Well, my son is right, the individual, or group that decided this was a good idea, well, they are just like the Grinch.

This holiday season is not without lots of love. Within minutes of my wife mentioning this on the Facebook, we had so many people wanting to help. We were not alone in the neighborhood, and it is a shame that this happened, but in God’s mysterious way, he reminded me yesterday that there are still good people out there. There are still more good acts going on rather than the violet ones that are portrayed on television. The news will not report this one, but that is o.k., I know what happened.

I firmly know that no matter what, God will provide. He can make lights happen for a five and three year old. He can move mountains, and part seas. God is Love and that is what has happened this holiday season, nothing but pure love. Nothing was taken from us, it was all given back and then some. This blessing, again, is a true testament to how much my God works in my life, and how much I am grateful and thankful every day.

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