First and foremost, this is my favorite link.  My daughter (with the occasional appearance of my son) have a YouTube channel.  Check it out, if you like it, subscribe, she would really appreciate it

The one thing I could never forget, and believe it or not have used before…. please, please, please, if you are thinking of hurting yourself, others, or just need someone to listen to you, go here:

Here is a list of my favorite places to go……

One of my favorite radio programs, its on satellite radio, but it is my drive home every day:

The Catholic Guy

On my way into work, this gets me going:

Gus Lloyd

And if you want something that is educational, funny, and will keep you entertained try these guys:

The Busted Halo Show

For all things going on in the Catholic World in America (and other places, too):

Oh, social media… I am just used to none of this.. so I think I created a Facebook Page… come like me, if it works…

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