Dust to Dust

Yesterday, we laid my Grandmother in her final Earthly home. She wanted to be in the shade, so, there she is, next to her Mom and right under a giant oak tree in the cemetery. It was a small ceremony for her burial and I finally felt that closure that I was looking for. I know that she is on her new journey now, and that she will be entering the Kingdom where she has wanted to be for so long.This small vigil for her was beautiful. Not many words said, just a small group of us at gravesite, but in the simplest form, I know that is how she would have wanted it. So, standing there in the middle of the cemetery, as strange as it felt, I was at peace. I had a feeling that no matter what happens in this life, no matter what suffering I have endured, or will encounter on the rest of my life, if I can stay as focused as she was on the Cross, I too, will be satisfied and take that same journey when I am gone. Her spirit was there with us, I am sure of that, and I know that she was happy to see us all there.

I know that I am not perfect, not by a long shot. I have many faults, flaws, scars, wounds, and deep hurts that have come with the life that I have had. Nothing has come to me by ease, and nothing that I have encountered in my life has not come with challenges. Those challenges have given me the chance to encounter some great people, places, and multiple experiences that no one can ever take away from me. With my Grandmother’s journey into the next life, comes a renewed focus on my own. I realize that, even though the journey can be hard, painful, degrading, and sometimes cruel, I have to keep focused on the Cross. That is the only way to make this journey worth it. Knowing that even in all my suffering, I am sharing in the Resurrection of Jesus. My faith is in knowing that my reward is waiting for me, just like it is waiting for everyone who stays focused. One day I will return to the dust of this world, just as she is, but I know that as I keep focused on the Cross, my soul shall be healed.

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